Door Monitor

Door Monitor

The door monitor must be assertive, organized, and possess good customer service and communication skills. The duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Managing traffic in and out of competition site

Communicating plan for managing traffic, in and out of the room, to the audience

Maintaining crowd and noise control

Posting contestant numbers during competition

Assisting Room Facilitators in meeting the judges needs (i.e. water, copies, pencils, etc.)

Assisting Room facilitators in collecting judges’ scores sheets and preparing student evaluations for distribution

Performing such other related duties that may be requested by the Room Facilitator or ACT-SO Chairperson

In addition, the door monitor should not permit anyone to enter or exit the room while a student is performing or meeting with the judges for a personal interview. They must also maintain crowd and noise control.

We ask that you remain until the competition for your category is over.