Art  created  by  applying  pigment  on  a  two-dimensional  surface  with  a    brush,    knife,    or    hand

and/or the manipulation of digital processes with a computer

Examples   include   but   are   not   limited   to:   Oil,   acrylic,   watercolor,   gouache,   tempera,   ink, encaustic,  fresco,  spray  paint,  etc.  applied  on  canvas,  canvas  board,  paper,  mixed  media  or  any flat  surface.


  1. Only one (1) project can be entered.
  2. The national office will provide easels.
  3. The contestant  is  required  to  make  an  oral  presentation,  which  will  not  exceed  three (3) minutes, explaining the methods or techniques used in developing the project.
  4. The contestant must be available to answer questions from the judges.
  5. The submission should be no larger than 36 inches by 48 inches. Framing is optional.

NOTE:  The  deadline  for  submission  of  national  registration  documents  is  May 15, 2020..   No materials or copies will be accepted after that time or at the National Competition.

Contestants will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Color (20)
  • Composition  (20)
  • Craft  (20)
  • Line/Form (20)
  • Theme (20)

* A portion reprinted with permission from the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers**