The art and process of making motion pictures.


  1. Only one (1) film is to be entered.
  2. The running time of the film must not exceed five (5) minutes.
  3. A storyboard or project theme must be associated with the film

Please  Note:  Storyboards  are  NOT  stills  taken  from  the  film;  rather  they  are  original  drawings,

sketches, etc. completed PRIOR to the execution of the film.

  1. Only one (1) film is to be entered in DVD format.
  2. The running time for the film must not exceed five (5) minutes excluding closing credits.
  3. A playback unit will be provided.
  4. Two (2) copies of the film should be  submitted  on  a  single  DVD  packaged  in  a  standard  5

1/4  x 7  1/2  plastic DVD case. Do not put labels on the DVD

  1. DVD’s must be compatible with standard set-top DVD players.
  2. The contestant must shoot all footage. The use of stock footage, or any other footage not

shot by the contestant will result in immediate disqualification.

Do not simply burn a QuickTime or AVI file to a  disc  as  data.  This may render your film unplayable. Make sure your disc plays in a standard DVD player before you submit your entry.

NOTE:   The  deadline  for  submission  of  national  registration  documents  is  May 15, 2020. No materials or copies will be accepted after that time or at the National Competition.

Contestants will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Creative (25)

  Storyboard   (10)   –   how   effectively   did   the  competitor  execute  the  ideas

presented on the storyboard in their piece?

  Originality (15)- Did the competitor try to challenge him/her self to do something

different and interesting. Did they have a new and interesting way of retelling

an old story/concept? Creativity of approach or concept

  • Production (35)

  Direction/Structure  (25)  –  the  use  of  camera,  choice  of  shots  to  help  convey  the

story, framing, camera movement, clarity of story

  • Use of light (10) – Are actors and/or environment lit effectively
  • Sound (15)

  Use of audio effects/music (10)

  Audibility (5) – Is dialogue audible.

  • Post Production  (25)

  Editing (20)– Approach in editing to tell the story more effectively.

➢  Titles (5)